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Legacy Midwives Care

Midwife Krista provides individual and personalized care for each family that chooses Legacy Midwives for their pregnancy and delivery. She believe that pregnancy is a natural function of a woman’s body and is not an illness. Each woman’s progress is carefully monitored through pregnancy to prevent a complication. She strive to explore the underlying cause for our bodies dysfunction and approach healing from a natural approach. Midwives are not doctors and we cannot diagnose or treat illness. They only offer support for the bodies natural mechanisms for healing itself. When a dysfunction does not respond to support, midwives will refer to a physician for medical treatment.

In labor, midwives provide support, monitoring and a sacred space in which to meet your miracle. There is freedom to experience the power and beauty that is birth. After your baby has arrived, Krista supports you to bond and get to know this new little one, in a peaceful and uninterrupted time. She encourage skin to skin contact and early breastfeeding. The family unit is encouraged to participate in the bonding experience fully.

Maternity Care

Complete Maternity  Care

Complete care is offered with Legacy Midwives for your pregnancy, from conception to postpartum,

for women who are low risk.

An initial assessment and then ongoing assessment throughout the pregnancy is conducted to determine if a woman is low risk.

If a woman is deemed high risk for an out of hospital delivery, then a referral will be made to an

appropriate care provider.


Prenatal Care

Krista provides a comprehensive and individualized care plan based on your specific needs. This includes regular visits for assessment of mother and fetus during your pregnancy. As part of your care we will perform

regular lab work,

provide referral for sonographic imaging, diet assessment, and education on pregnancy

related issues as they relate to you personally.  You are invited to bring family members for your visits if you desire.

Labor & Delivery

When it is time for your baby to arrive, Midwife Krista will attend you and provide support during your labor. Prior to delivery, a trained birth assistant will also be in attendance to assist you and your new baby as you both make the transition from pregnancy to birth. We provide intermittent monitoring of fetal well being, vital signs during labor and a minimum of two hours post birth for mother and baby. Any complications during labor, birth or immediate postpartum that are out of our scope of care will be transferred to a hospital.

Postpartum Care

On day 3 or 4, Midwife Krista will follow up visit in your home to assess both mother and baby. This includes a newborn assessment of weight, vital signs, nursing, jaundice and blood oxygen level; she will also provide an assessment of the mother’s vital signs, breastfeeding, and emotional status.  We will repeat the above assessment at a second visit at our office at 2-3 weeks postpartum. A final well woman visit is included for 8 weeks post delivery for pap screen if needed.  


Pre-Conception Counseling

Legacy Midwives offers an in-depth interview to learn what your needs are and consider any complications to conception. This includes diet history, lifestyle history, medical history and family history for women. We will do further evaluation of your partner if needed, for an additional consultation fee. Lab work and genetic testing may be offered, but with limited counseling in this area. After review of your specific needs, Krista can help with changes and additions to your current routine to optimize a healthy start to your pregnancy.


Fertility Counseling

Midwives are not physicians and therefore we can not treat infertility. However, midwives do offer plans to naturally optimize your ability to conceive. These include lifestyle and dietary changes; as well as recommend the use of herbal and whole food supplements and education to facilitate your own body’s ability to conceive.

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